About Holy Skirts

National Book Award Finalist

"Steinke has resurrected a genuine personality, a stylish eccentric who might have been a staple of the tabloid gossip columns had they existed a century ago."  New York Times Book Review

"Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Lorinhoven comes brilliantly to life in René Steinke's beautifully wrought historical novel.  . . This poetic, sensuous, and visceral novel of a modern fictional woman (although clearly and keenly drawn from significant characters of the day) in dramatic factual times is another tour de force for Steinke." Baltimore Sun

“This fascinating and moving novel celebrates the Baroness as a remarkable women whose boldness took her to extremes that make most of us flinch.”    Washington Post Book World

“Steinke is a consummate prose stylist. She has a poet’s ear for words.”   Bookforum

"René Steinke's vividly imagined new novel brings to life the vibrant inner world of a woman whose genius rubbed elbows with insanity." Vogue

"Steinke's graceful prose adds intimate texture to a woman so cutting-edge that Duchamp called her 'the future.'" Entertainment Weekly

"René Steinke's fictional reimagining of Man Ray and Duchamp's mad muse is wonderfully insightful about the self-absorption required to be a fashion avatar." Atlantic Monthly